Invitation to submit an interest in a terminal evaluation in the Horn of Africa

Vacature | 27-09-2016Caspar Waalewijn

Date of field work: January 22nd – February 22nd 2017

Tear and Tearfund have jointly implemented a Self Help Group programme for food security and resilience in Ethiopia, Somaliland and North Kenya, supported with funding from the Dutch government under the Protracted Crisis Call. The programme will have been implemented over the period April 2014 – March 2017, the last three months are a no-cost extension.

This invitation is for the external evaluation of the results of the Tear/Tearfund implemented programme. It has as purpose to answer the following question: To what extent has the Self Help Group - Food Security programme in the three countries increased the food security of marginalised groups and their resilience to crisis in a sustainable way?

The Specific Objectives of the evaluation are to:

  • Determine the level to which the programme has achieved the stated outcomes in the three countries and contributed to the BuZa policy framework for the Strategic Partnership.
  • Assess the programme against the 7 OECD-DAC criteria and associated detailed questions (see below)
  • Identify key learning from the different stakeholders, including BuZa (the Dutch Embassies), Tear, Tearfund and Partners. The evaluation will draw attention to lessons learned, the learning strategy in the programme, activities that went different than planned, challenges to the Theory of Change, success factors, challenges etc.
  • Model participatory evaluation approaches to Partners for their learning.

The full Terms of Reference for this evaluation can be downloaded.

Applicants who are interested to lead the evaluation team, are requested to submit their letter of interest and CV with relevant information to the programme coordinator Caspar Waalewijn, Tear, at the latest by October 24th start of business.